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We've got them here! Just click on a question and follow the short, step-by-step Wave Answers videos to find out how to use the many features and applications on your Wave IP system. You can also search for answers by typing in an actual question, such as "How do I...," or by simply entering key words like "conferencing," or the specific name of a Wave IP application, or name and model number of your Vertical phone.


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About WaveAnswers


About Wave Answers

Search and find small video snippets that provide answers to your questions.

What is it?

Wave Answers is an easy-to-use, interactive video resource for asking and getting answers to questions about using your Wave IP communications system. Answers are provided in short videos, with click-by-click instructions on how to use the most popular Wave IP features and applications. And it's mobile ready, so if you need an answer on the fly, you can even search and watch videos on your mobile device.

How do I find the answer?

Just type in a key word or words and select one of the pre-populated questions in the Search function to see all the video answers related to that topic. You can also search for topics by category using the navigation links on the left, or simply click on the video icon that interests you and hit Play.

What if I can't find all the answers?

No results found? Just submit your question through Wave Answers and we'll get you one. The more you ask, the better Wave Answers becomes.